Advanced Battery Control, ABC2 – Battery voltage equalizer

It is well established that the charging voltage is critical for the life span and capacity of a battery. Batteries in poor condition endangers availability of the Genset.

With ABC2 guaranteed that each individual block has exactly the charging voltage which it must have allowing increased longevity of the complete battery. This also provides a higher reliability of the whole battery plant.
Battery control unit  ABC 2 ensures that each battery in a serial chain gets full charge voltage, resulting in a longer life.

Benefits of ABC2 :

  • Extends life and improves reliability of batteries
  • Real time equalization of battery blocks during charge and discharge
  • Suitable for block voltages from 4 to12 V
  • High equalization current and highly accurate voltage regulation
  • Low quiescent current draw

ABC 2 also provides to replace a defective battery in an existing bank of battery without replacing the whole bank, which save large amounts of money.

The units are supplied with a complete mounting kit with connectors for the battery terminals and cables. One ABC 2 manages two battery blocks. For multi- series block needed an ABC 2 less than the number of blocks.

Fit Guide
Type: ABC2
Item Code: 50 - A528
Block Voltage (VDC) : 4 - 12
Max countervailing power (ADC) : 1.0
Dimensions W / H / D (mm): 85/45/30

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