Compact DS 25 - 125kva

A complete fully automatic genset

  • CE marked
  • EMP- protected
  • Parallel batteries with voltage monitoring and battery control unit ABC2
  • Fully automatic
  • Operator panel
  • Supply voltage 24 VDC
  • Integrated fuel tank of 700 l

A fully automatic genset that is designed to easily be installed in areas where space is limited. Compact genset is available with or without EMP- protection. EMP- equipment is placed in housing above the instrument cabinet.
Compact genset is equipped with 2 parallel start and control batteries, each unit individually have sufficient capacity to manage the genset. A battery control unit, ABC2, ensures that each battery in a serial chain have the right float voltage. That will ensure extended battery lifetime.

The diesel engine is a modern industrial engine with spare parts availability guaranteed. The generator has a permanent magnet and three phase RMS voltage regulator ensuring the quality of the voltage.

Instrument cabinet contains all the necessary equipment for control and monitoring of the genset. Control system controls the switching between the grid and the genset when a disturbance on the grid occurs. All control is handled by a PLC which consists of a base module, communication module and an operator panel, with operating voltage of 24VDC. From the operator panel there is opportunities to start and stop the genset, change the mode of operation as –manual / auto / test operation,- uninterruptible test, - simulated mains failure, -operation parallel with grid and resetting of all alarms. Alarms are classified into A-alarm (blocking) and B alarms (indicating).

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