DC power supply

We manufacture customized power supply for DC systems with high availability and high efficiency

Our technical solutions are based on a modular charge system from Eaton, -Eaton Access Solution (APS) in wall cabinets or floor cabinets. The system consists of 1-12 rectifier modules and a system monitoring module mounted in a 19 "rack. Thanks to the structure of paralleled rectifiers a system of N +1 redundancy are supported, just for increased reliability. Rectifier modules can be replaced during operation without any parameter settings have to be done.
The system is easy to use thanks to a color display with perspicuous menus.
The system is monitored by the control unit and can be connected to the main control system via Ethernet interface and SNMP agent, Modbus TCP or the built-in web server. Alarm signal may also be obtained via potential-free contacts.
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