Depot Chargers 12-24

  • Depot Chargers 12-24


    • Prevents self-discharge of charged batteries
    • Automatic switching between 12 and 24V
    • When the battery voltage is below 10V or between 16-20V, not charging starts. Red indicator lights up
    • The indicator lights the battery is connected wrong
    • Charging stops when the battery is fully charged

     Batteries discharge down to 12.6V or 25.2V then starts charging again
    • Charging with 0.4 A up to 13.8 V, respectively. 27.6 V
    • Charging Cables are provided with contact pins that fit into the "NATO"   Connectors

  • Safety Standard: EN 60950 class 1. Air distances according to class 2
    Protection: IP 65
    Noise level: <40 dB (A)
    Input Power: 15 W
    EMC standard emision: EN 50081-2
    EMC immunity standards: EN 50 082-2
    Ambient temperature: -30 º C - +50 º C
    Size height x width x depth: 205x120x60 mm excluding cabling
    Weight: 1.4 kg
    Item No: 10-A339


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