HEX 2x150 kVA

Flexible power supply
By interacting up to six containers with genset, the system can produce up to 1.8 MVA. A HEX system can consists, like HES, up to six genset containers, each 300KVA and an container with switchgear dimensioned up to 2MVA .
HEX genset containers contain, however, two gensets utilities 150KVA each, unlike HES which have only one 300kVA genset.
A HEX genset container can constitute a power generator system where one 150KVA genset constitutes full redundancy for the other, with automatic start at fault on the running genset. Both machines can also be run in parallel with full automation of start/stop, synchronization and sharing of load.

Up to 6 HEX genset containers (12 pieces of 150KVA generator) can be run in parallel with full automation by the switchgear. It is also possible to mix up to 6 units of HES – or / and HEX genset containers in the composed system.

Dimensioned for large requirements of power

HEX is designed to supply power to an international effort battalion.
To be able to be used internationally all parts of the system are designed to be transported on both, cars, trains, ships and aircraft. The units are capable of being transported in a TP84 with personnel in the cargo area. All containers are manufactured according to CSC.

Fully automatic operation
HEX system automatically manages the production of power according to the load. If interruption of power from the grid appears all gensets will automatically starts and thereby be able to handle the full load. Then production adapts to the actual load and will the gensets that not is required will automatically shuts down. The supply of electrical power can be shared between the genset system and the local grid.
Remote monitoring can be done through LAN or Internet and alarm and error message distributed by SMS.

Remote supervision/control: LAN/Internet
Alarms and error messages: SMS via the GSM network
Climate: -40°C to +40°C
EMC: Tested to MIL-STD 461E
Transport: Lorry, train, ship or airplane.

Ladda ner broschyr här : HES/HEX  300 (pdf) 
Ladda ner broschyr här : Tankmodul (pdf)   

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