High-Output Power Supply System

Flexible power supply
Each generator container produces 300 kVA. As many as six containers can be run together to build a system that delivers up to 1.8 MVA. This is adequate for most needs.

Fully automatic operation
HES 300-system responds automatically to power demands. When power from grid drops all the gensets start simultaneously. This ensures that a high starting load can be handled. By then shutting down gensets that not are required, power generation is tailored to meet the real load. The load can be split not only between containers, but also between containers and the local grid. Remote supervision of the system is possible by using LAN or Internet. Alarms and error messages are relayed via SMS.

Dimensioned for large needs
HOPSS is dimensioned to supply power for an international intervention unit of around battalion strength. All system components can be carried by lorry, train, ship or aeroplane. High mobility is thus guaranteed. Transporting the units, along with
personnel, in the cargo bay of a C-130 Hercules presents no problems. All the containers are manufactured according to CSC

Remote supervision/control: LAN/Internet
Alarms and error messages: SMS via the GSM network
Climate: -40°C to +40°C
EMC: Tested to MIL-STD 461E
Transport: Lorry, train, ship or aeroplane.

HES 300 - High Effect Systems
HES 300 system is a complete genset system which can be used as primary power supply system or as fully automatic emergency power system.
Modular system
HES 300 system is a modular system consisting of up to 6 pcs power modules and 1 pcs switchgear module . In continuous operation over extended periods of time the system can be supplied with fuel from external 19,000 - liters tank module.
The system can be adapted to suit different power requirements and demands for redundant functionality.

Fully automatic operation
HES 300 system automatically manages the production of power depending on the instant load.
If interruption of power from the grid appears all gensets will automatically starts and will thereby be able to handle the full load. Then production adapt to the actual load and the gensets that not is needed will automatically shuts down. Remote monitoring can be done via LAN or the Internet and alarms and error messages can be distributed via SMS.

Dimensioned for large requirements of power

HES 300 is sized to meet high power requirements. To allow HES 300 for international use all parts of the system are designed to be transported on both cars , trains, ships and aircraft. All containers are manufactured according to CSC. The system is also made according to ATEX directive allowing that "jet fuel" can be used as fuel.
Remote monitoring /control:
LAN / Internet

Ladda ner broschyr här : HES 300 (pdf) 

Ladda ner broschyr här : Tankmodul (pdf)

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