MEX 150

MEX 150 - system is a complete modular genset system that can be used as primary power supply or as a fully automatic backup power system. Nato stock number: NSN 8145-25-160-9223

MEX 150 can be used as a 2 x 75KVA or as a 150kVA genset system.
2 pcs MEX 150 can be used as a 300kVA genset system.

MEX- system contains all the equipment necessary to operate and monitor the genset and is designed to be used without any external switchgear container.

For continuous operation over extended periods of time the system can be supplied with fuel from an external tank module. The fuel hoses with quick connector, supplied with each MEX-module, allow a simple and safe connection to the tank module.

MEX- system is designed to handle high start load and adapt at power requirements in two steps or work as a redundant system. The MEX-system is easy to extend and replace thanks to the modular system. Construction can withstand a wide temperature range and is equipped with both EMC- and EMP protection. High personal safety, low emissions and low noise are other features of our MEX-system.

MEX 150  
Output effect: 2 x 75kVA
Batteries: 24VDC, parallellt system
Voltage: 400/230V
Inlet (storage): 230V
Outlets: 1 x full last (433 A)
2 x 125A CEE
4 x 63A   CEE
1 x 32A   CEE
1 x 16A   CEE
1 x 10A   Schucko
Earth fault protection: Yes

Operating teperature:


-46o C to +50o C

Download here: MEX 50, 150
Download here: Fuel tank module

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