Stationary Genset 10 2000KVA

Stationary Genset 10 2000KVA

  • CE marked
  • Diesel engine in step - IIIA performance (10- 500kVA )
  • Recycling of waste heat
  • Supply voltage 24 VDC
  • Parallel batteries with voltage monitoring and battery control unit ABC2
  • Fully automated control and monitoring equipment
  • Operator panel type graphic, touch, TFT
  • External operator panels
  • Operational data and alarms via USB stick
  • EMP protected if required

A stationary, fully automatic genset, with equipment to handle all kinds of disturbances on the grid by starting up and take over all connected load. When the electric power on the grid has returned to normal ranges ​​the genset automatically will synchronize with the grid and switch over the load without any interupt.

The unit can also be run in parallel with the local grid during test run or to generate extra power during load peaks. Instrument cabinet contains all the necessary equipment for control and monitoring of the genset. This control system is based on a PLC-unit consisting of the basic module, communication module and operating panel with control voltage 24VDC. PLC-unit is powered via a step-up regulator, which ensures the correct supply voltage at all times.
In the operator panel operating data and alarms from the genset is clearly displayed. All data can also been logged in to a USB memory stick. From the operator panel there is opportunities to start and stop the genset, change the mode of operation as –manual / auto / test operation,- uninterruptible test, - simulated mains failure, -operation parallel with grid and resetting of all alarms. Alarms are classified into A-alarm (blocking) and B alarms (indicating).

Our genset is equipped with a robust battery system consisting of 2 pieces of parallel start and control batteries, each unit individually have sufficient capacity to be the main battery for all equipment. To ensure availability and lifespan of batteries the control system monitored the uniformity of the series connected battery cell voltages, and the battery control unit ABC2 ensures that each battery in a serial chain gets right float  charging voltage.

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